Quad ESL 57 – It’s coming home baby!

Quad ESL 57

Finally after long time of waiting and even longer research I received a sweet message “mniec, you’re the winner!” , for people who’s second home is eBay know, what this means, basically I won an auction for these brilliant piece of British engineering. So now I can tell with piece in my mind – YEAH, It’s coming home baby!

I haven’t seen them yet, but by the seller’s description, they should be in excellent condition… Price was great, consider quality and condition. Only one owner from new.
Includes one original Instruction Book and little bonus in form of power cables/plugs and thick copper speaker cables.

Good news only?

So they are only good news at the moment, the first good news is that speakers having serial numbers 50728 and 50792 and thanks to the modern technology could Internet I find out that speakers build with serial number 16000 and above having protection against overloading, which is very important in nowadays, when amplifiers having much more than 15W of amplifying power. Also I know, that by the serial numbers 50300 – 52100 has been made in 1980 – our parents were excited from new film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back at that time and John Lennon was killed.

Another good news is, that speakers are in excellent condition and got only few marks on the wood work – which I don’t care about, because wood is going off and new design side legs are gonna be instead. And in the end a little hole on the top will be sorted quickly with chewing gum 🙂

So here as usual little gallery, so behold and envy!
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4 thoughts on “Quad ESL 57 – It’s coming home baby!

  1. Congratulations with your Quads!

    I’d like to point out that none of the original Quad ESL’s had a protection circuit installed. There was a modification to the crossover that cuts down the amount of energy send to the middle strip of the treble panel, which lowers the chance of blowing them up. But with modern amplifiers it’s still very possible to do just that. Always give the speakers ample time (couple of hours) to charge fully before turning up the volume.

    Enjoy your Quads!

  2. hey there, Nice speakers! Do you know much about these? I have a set i bought from a deceased estate on the weekend.. They still work andhave a great sound!
    also have a Quad 303 preamp with them. GOt them dirt cheap..
    The serial numbers are under 16000.. i noticed you said something about this.. so what does it mean for mine? Are they a set of the first released? Be great to hear about them and what you think they could be worth!

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