Audiophile’s dreams

By the “An audiophile, from Latin audio “I hear” and Greek philos “loving,” is a hobbyist who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of non-mass-produced high-end audio electronics.
Everything we do, we do for love of music. Live and reproduced, next few sentences will try to enlight you, why audiophiles and even normal fans of Hi-Fi having different look than others.

Vast majority of Audiophiles are listening to music in classic Hi-Fi stereo. Even since introduction of the record player is it music format, which through various twists, turns, damnations and rebirth still clearly leading to our listening rooms. Audiophiles systematically ignoring computer formats and devices for playback of compressed data streams. Although all the tremendous progress in this segment, audiophiles remain focused on the classic black and silver discs. Therefore in audiophiles’ listening rooms you basically won’t find huge LCD screens, Blu-ray and HD DVD players, AV receivers, or even home theater configurations.

Hi-Fi means High Fidelity, many of fans the great and even better sound are likely tend to forget, that those mentally expensive o boxes have at home, have a single mission – to convey to us the joy of music.

Confession of audiophile?

This is not just bunch of crazy geeks, let’s have a look even from different point of view.

And still existing that dizziness when extremely analytic configuration delivering one detail with other. Dizziness, when you can look at the record like under the best microscope, when you sighting  with pleasure in the moment  when you clearly identify the sound of soloist creaking chair or the noise behind the windows of  concert hall. We are angry at the sound engineer when his work went wrong, and we have a natural tendency to listen preferable compilations of specialized publishing houses. Just visit any hi-fi exhibition and listen to what people are talking about.

And you definitely know that feeling, when your favorite song in the radio make you drub with the rhythm and unconsciously pushing the acceleration pedal to the metal without  examining the color of each instrument or spatial location of the scene with surgical precision.

Therefore, in our aim is the music, recorded and reproduced as best as it could be.

Keep it real…

As everywhere even in Hi-Fi you can apply the golden rule that good sound may not be directly proportional to the price and you can enjoy even inexpensive kits for years and years.

And what I want you to learn? Well… by my opinion everything is very subjective and in the end of the day everybody is different, not talking about racial or culture background, but right now about different taste of music, listening room and preferences. Most important is to use your own ears and not brain, because sometimes people want to hear more than they really are…
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