Neutrik powerCON: the strong connection

Neutrik powerCON: the strong connection

Today, I would like to tell you about a great power connector Neutrik Power-con. You can use them instead of old and unreliable IEC kettle plug. It’s very easy to install, very reliable and professional looking. Sorry to be only one-sided, but I just can’t help it! As I heard somewhere on the web: “Neutrik made it again!”

Neutrik PowerCon 20 Amp

The PowerCon is an electrical connector manufactured by Neutrik for connecting mains power to equipment in a small space. It looks and works similar to the Speakon with the line connector inserted in the chassis connector and twisted to make contact and lock. Both line and chassis connectors are fully insulated even when disconnected. The PowerCon comes in two deliberately incompatible variants to prevent people connecting two mains supplies together.

The type A is blue and used for power inlets. The type B is white and used for power outlets. Couplers are available with one chassis socket of each type mounted on the ends of a plastic tube to extend cables. The connectors are rated at 20A. They have also recently produced connectors rated at 32 A.



The main advantages of the PowerCon are high current capacity in a small space (smaller than an IEC connector and double the current-carrying capacity) and locking action. The main disadvantages are cost, reliance on a single vendor and unsuitability for connection/disconnection under load (which makes them unsuitable for equipment used by untrained personnel) .

Web-page of the manufacturer:

Neutrik – Connectors for audio, video, fiber optic and industry:

I will use this great plugs for power connection of my Quad ESL 57 – they don’t deserve nothing else. And you asking why? The reason is simple, basically because the fit into rounded hole and they are much better solution than old shitty IEC connectors.



From me THUMBS UP! Simple, robust, great value, precision made.

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