High-End: don’t criticise if you don’t hear it!

Bowers Wilkins 802 Diamond Cherry

Are you wondering, like many other human beings, why the hell does it worth buying the system in a price of a middle-class car? And how the hell is it so much different from the main-stream electronics, which you are dusting so often at home? Can you even hear the difference? Because you are so happy what you hear now and music from your system is clear like the sky in the brightest summer day. Well if you just said Yes on any of those questions, then carry on, read it and don’t let it slip away. If  No is your answer, then I understand. Stay being ignorant, never wake up from your dream of common needs…

Is far as I remember I always loved music.  Usually recorded and please don’t start throwing the stones now, but Yes, even by many people cursed mp3. But this is no point… because? Because I also time to time listen to live music and therefore I can hear the difference. From this point I can appreciate how faithful and precise music can be delivered.

I guess that I’m not the only one who is always so excited, closing eyes when listening to music. In that moment, my system, speakers and even entire room disappear. The band on the stage playing live and privately only for me in the middle of my very own wonderland. In this enthusiasm I am certainly are not alone, but there is also the opposite view, which sometimes return you back to the planet earth.

Hi-end doesn’t mean to be hight in the end

On the Internet forums you can easily trip over a fame-wars, where devoted sound “experts” advocating the excellence of mp3 music on earphones. Personally I’ve got nothing against the mp3 players, I’m using their goodness myself, when traveling. But it’s need to be understood, that there is their right place to be. Usually its cheap, pleasant and most comfortable way how to listen to music in places, where you can’t use anything else as a source of sound.
And yet, it may be the right thing for those who can’t hear the difference. Yes among us are the people who can’t hear the difference in quality between live concert and mp3 record in low bit rate. Nothing against them, I’m (or anyone else) also far from perfect. The problem is rather, that they are uttering unsubstantiated negative judgments about the meaningfulness of high quality sound and even worse, many people are taking them seriously.

Allow me a slight parallel: there is no doubt, that they existing colorblind people.  But nobody let them chat into, whether the choice and combination of colors in the interiors and clothing make even sense! Nobody would take their views seriously, even if you’d find someone crazy enough try to do so. From their perspective, the colors are unnecessary and unattractive. Yet, there are colors and believe or not, they make sense in our lives.

Likewise the colors, it is a legitimate to have an effort and try to reproduce music in the form closest to the original. We can be only sorry for those, who can’t (color and sound) or don’t want to enjoy it. As I said previously – in my opinion, High-end does not need to be defended.

Superiority reached by precision

Achieve a truly faithful sound is definitely not easy. Ideas and principles chosen by high-end manufacturers may seem to be by many of us as an unnecessary fiddle – faddle, magic or alchemy, or just a way how to get the money from the fans of High fidelity audio (and video). However, only a completed chain of these technical finesses is capable of so demanded high quality results that can be heard from only highly matured hi-fi systems.

Ways how to achieve faithful sound (and indeed the image) are various and the are all build  (as a normal road) of many parts, bigger or smaller, more fundamental, or  sometimes with very excessive detail. This carefully conceived devices, circuits, or resolution accompanying the signal, whether have audio or video, throughout its journey from source to our own ears or eyes.  But all of them are heading to the same destination – reproduction as close to the original performance as possible.
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