Bye bye Mr. and Mrs. Speaker

As everything in the world, even my journey with ESL 57’s had to end. I was cruel, speakers weren’t a long time with me… I sold them and my soul… on eBay. Later on, when asking for forgiveness voices told me: If you want to redeem your dirty soul you wanna be faithful electro-charged lover! Get yourself a pair puppies from Quad. So I did and this is the end of story could “Saving your soul from damnation”

Everything is nicely packed, because as we know, it’s better never trust to the parcel delivery services. Speakers are in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia right now. I hope, that new owner will enjoy them, because they are lovely. I have to say, that at the late nights listening, they are no better speakers for a jazz or classical music.  I have good advice for those who want to send this pair of speakers:

  • Buy a loads of bubble wrap. Wrap it around horizontally and vertically, don safe or few penny-saving will cost you much more then you can imagine. Put side-rails underneath and little feet on the top of the transformator. You can also hide cables in the same place.
  • Size of my boxes were 20x95x80, but really this is the smallest I recommend, I used doubled corners and loads of wrapping around sensitive areas such a top corners and front grill
  • I put two boxes together and wrapped it around with rope, also never try to save money on cello tape. In the end I wrap around bin bags, so it made consistent water-protecting layer also useful for buyer, so it is obvious if the boxes were handled roughly etc.
  • Don’t forget to put stickers around. Such a “HANDLE WITH CARE *** FRAGILE ***” and “THIS WAY UP”, this is only way how to let your boxes in little bit of mercy.

I would like to use this opportunity and recommend to everyone a great delivery agency, they are very professional and having very good prices which you can always compare. Item was sent by DHL and arrived to Australia within a week, all nice and intact.

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