Quad ESL 57 – all done

All done after two months of hard work. I spent about month on main speakers and another month on side legs. Everything was made by hand and I have to say, that I don’t wanna experience that again.

Speakers Just sound amazing as you would expect from refurbished ESL’s

Great looking and sounding pair of Electrostatic speakers Quad ESL 57 refurbished by Neech Audio in 2010. Really I gotta say, that I rediscovered my entire music collection again. You will find a loads of informations on internet how good they are. I’ve bought them from 1st owner and refurbished kept in smoke and pet free flat dusted every day ๐Ÿ™‚
This speakers were originally made in 1980 (Refurbished 2010) and serial numbers are 50728 and 50792. Speakers made with serial number 16000 and above already fitted with overload protection.

This speakers especially sound great with tube amplifiers from only 10W of amplifying power (also with solid-state ones).



  • All speaker panes were serviced in 2002 by quad. Inspected all panels + replaced dust covers on bass panels in 2010.
  • Completely repainted โ€“ front grill satin black, frame and back grill gloss black.
  • New high voltage wires.
  • New golden binding posts.
  • Neutrik Power-Con 20A connector instead of classic IEC Plug
  • High voltage EFV circuit checked
  • All bass dust cover replaced against new ones.
  • All other elements and parts has been checked.
  • Reinforced speaker frame.
  • Side-rails (feet):

  • As you can see on the pictures, speakers are fitted with new side-rails. They returned a design back to 21. century and certainly look great. They elevating speakers circa 30cm (1ft) above the floor and straightening them more to vertical position. This is improving sound and is actually recommended by many owners.
  • They are copy of Quad Musik Germany and originally cost ยฃ500!!! (you can really check it).
  • White gloss finish with Monacor dark chrome speaker spikes.
  • I have to say, that I made the side-rails myself and spend 1 month doing them. Trust me, I’ve done my best ๐Ÿ™‚ (They not the best in the world, but look bloody good!)

I have with these speakers:

  • OFC copper 99.99% speaker cables specially made for electrostatic speakers bought from One Think Audio. Very thick (circa 1โ€)and heavy build speaker cables (length 3.7m / 12ft.)
  • Custom made audiophile shielded (2.5mm2) power cables Neech Audio equipped by Neutrik Power-Con connectors. As known, this connectors are used by professionals. They’ve been chosen because of their quality of build and can take up 20A (But socket fitted with 3A fuse anyway). As you can see on the ictures, cables are thick like two snakes, compare to Argos pen (and heavy).Why I’m selling these speakers? Well it’s simple, I’m selling due the upgrade for new electrostatics.


  • AC Voltage: 100 – 120 or 200 – 250 Volts 50 – 60 Hz
    Front Grille: Expanded aluminium, black satin finish in perfect condition.
  • Front Grille: Expanded aluminium, black gloss finish in perfect condition.
  • Weight: Net 18 kg
  • Dimensions: Width: 880 mm, Height: 790 mm, Depth: 270 mm
  • Side rails: Wooden with white gloss finish. Height 1080 mm with spikes made by myself

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    6 thoughts on “Quad ESL 57 – all done

    1. Hello,
      That is a beautiful pair and I am interested in refurbing a
      pair of 57’s. Is it worth the trouble and cost ?
      How much should I spend ? Appreciate your input and they look awesome.
      Thanks, Tim

      • To be honest, depend on financial situation and time. It’s quite lot of hustle around and some skill is required. The best webpage around is from Sheldon Stokes. I have spent 500 for a speakers and refurb cost me another 200. 2 moths of work

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