Neech Audio Ultra power mains cables

Neech Audio Ultra power mains cables

Neech Audio ULTRA mains cable, Shielded (power) mains cable.


I’m not promising voodoo magic or snake oils rubbed in.

Is this cable as good as expensive brands? Of course it is, and even better then some brands, just have a proper look.
This is not overpriced power cable with marketing yapping around.
Just a proper, robust, great looking, shielded power cable with no bullshit around. My new heavy weight champion!

A perfect match to your amplifier and any Hi-Fi Audio / Video component or where is good cable needed.

Customers testimony:

* Great high quality product and quick delivery
* Amazing quality, weight, feel, using on my plasma TV. Very nice A+++++++++++++++
* Great looking cable for the price,with super quick delivery.
* one of the best!!



24 Kt GOLD plated IEC Sonar 100V~250V 10A
Metal power plug made from 100% high-purity copper – Gold plated 5 microns
• Copper power plug has been treated with CRYO -192 Degree freezing treatment to enhance the quality of conductive metal
• Enclosed in black cover with glass-fibre filled nylon material and manufactured with fire-retardant treatment
In-line industrial Heavy duty grade polished UK Duraplug IP 56,  250V 15A fitted with 13A fuse
DeoxIT contact cleaned


Length 1 m
Three core OFC (Oxygen free copper core) 2.5mm2 multi-stranded
Vol/Amp: 250V 25A (up to 6500W!!!)
Fully earth shielded cable
Braided galvanised screen
Brainded sleeve in highest quality. Black with red and white strips. Red strips sparkling in the sun!

Neech Audio Ultra power mains cables

Neech Audio Ultra power mains cables
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One thought on “Neech Audio Ultra power mains cables

  1. Love the cables. What do I do with the cable that runs to the power socket in which this lovely cable is plugged into from the transformer on the pole outside of the house? I got a quote from the electricity board and they said it would cost in excess of $25k just to give me a dedicated power cable and transformer on my street. I did not bother asking how much it would cost to run the cable to the source of the generator 300 kms away!

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