Sunday afternoon project or: Sony stereo upgrade

My Sunday afteroon project or: how to upgrade of my old S0ny stereo. I was quite annoyed, that this compact stereo doesn’t have any proper inputs and outputs. Nice stereo with DAB, mp3, USB, remote and decent amplification (yes decent amplification, but speakers are piece of shit!!!!) , but no proper inputs and outputs????

The idea behind all upgrade was to create cheap home cinema system. Alway when I wanted to connect my TV to the stereo, I have had to use RCA / mini jack cable and connect it to the front of the stereo. Arrgh, thumbs down Sony!

Rear – sony speaker outputs and front mini jack headphone output and input. So i took soldier and made up extra input with switch and proper binding posts.

Binding posts are from my favourite shop Audio Spares, they are proper gold plated stackable, insulated binding posts.

RCA inputs are Neutrik. I equipped this with simple switch, which able to switch on / off added inputs. This i find very usefull, because extra inputs are in parallel with front input, therefore eliminating interferences.


This easy project took me one Sunday afternoon – instead of running around in fresh air I sat down and with soldier in hand and smoky atmosphere I done it all successfully. I used cheap copper wires with isolation, twisted to eliminate interferences and little bit of soldier. the most of time took me to find the space for new inputs and binding posts and sort out the holes at the rear.

This little stereos from Sony are clever machines! Everything is done by blocks, block for DAB radio, block for CD mechanic and DAC, USB block, amplifier and power source block. Even speaker and inputs having their own PCB’s. Hmmm… Curious I would expect everything on one PCB. As usual, the stereo is in nice plastic box, but with metal on with loads of screws hidden underneath.

Another minor upgrade was British mains plug instead of European plug with £!$% reduction and blue tack on the bottom of the speakers. Finally proper support for them instead of funny pieces of rubber. lol.
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