Audio Myths Workshop

Audio Myths Workshop

This is a video version Ethan Winer’s now already legendary Audio Myths workshop. If you like to refresh your sence for reality then its definitely worth to see.

To see part 2 AES Damn Lies Workshop

This is a video version Ethan Winer’s Audio Myths workshop from the October 2009 AES show in New York City. For copyright and other reasons, Part 1 of this video includes only a portion of the live event that also featured James Johnston and Poppy Crum. Parts 2 and 3 present a more focused recreation of presentation, including many topics because of the limited time at the live show.

In this video you will hear what phase shift sounds like, compare high- and low-end converters, learn about proper test methods, understand why hearing is not as reliable as test gear, and much more. So set aside an hour when you won’t be disturbed, and enjoy.

The original high quality example Wave files mentioned in Part 3 can be downloaded from my web site:
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4 thoughts on “Audio Myths Workshop

  1. But But But you mean better wall outlets don’t sound better? And Indian beads on my wires don’t sound better. Open minded people hear it, or is that empty headed, keep getting that confused. Hey buddy, wanna buy a bag…….bag of magic rocks! I think the guy had Jack in the BeanStalk on the brain!

  2. He he, the truth is, that this guy is a bit pessimistic even by my standard 🙂 I’ve got quite expensive gear at home and silver cables are coming, but $150 outlets are really pure BS!

    • And just how do silver cables do anything different BETTER for audio frequency, in a home environment, at low power levels on CONSUMER audio. Specs facts, not audiophlake double talk, mystical BS.

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