Hi Fi Girl of the week – Agathe

Dual consistently displayed its units and full lineups with women around until the mid to late 1970s.
These hosts rarely were asked to go to discreetely titillating pinup poses.

The shapely Werner Panton seats do a fair contrast with the angular and silvery P11 record changer combo : fire and ice ?

From a 1970/71 Dual catalog.

Hifi Girl of the week - Agatha

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3 thoughts on “Hi Fi Girl of the week – Agathe

    • Yesterday I bought a pair ebruad TDKs at 900 bucks at Digital Walker. I was taken in by the ceramic body which gave the thing heft and solidity. The lead wire, it turns out, has a fabric outer. A definite plus for robustness. The sound? Superb. Tight bass and not bright at all. When I’m not using headphones I listen to B&W 630s. HIghly recommended. So I’m not surprised you were delighted by the unit.

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