Rae Howell plays vibraphone

Rae Howell vibraphone player / composer

Rae Howell is a freelance composer and performer on piano & vibraphone. She is a founding member of Sunwrae Ensemble, showcasing some of Australia’s finest versatile musicians. Here she plays her piece “Decipher the Crooked Ways” on the vibraphone using a combination of bowing and four mallet technique. Decipher the Crooked Ways…. an ambient & (brief) solo version of a Sunwrae Ensemble work (usually ~30 minutes, for vibes, harp, clarinets/flutes, double bass, lap-steel, percussion), from the Never Stops to Wait album. It’s a journey about time, letting things go, deciphering the crooked ways of life, unraveling naturally.

Have a listen to Rae’s other truly incredible recordings from
Sunwrae Ensemble’s official website
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