EU import custom duty & VAT

EU import custom duty & VAT

Recently I was purchasing some goods and this is my findings.

Goods purchased nad imported to countries of EU.


– Goods over £15 are subject of VAT payment
– Goods over £135 are subject of custom duty
– VAT and tax are calculated from value of goods and postage price
– Handling fee £8

Private (Gifts):
– Goods marked as a gift in price over £40 are subject of VAT payment

– VAT and tax are calculated only from value of goods

– Handling fee £8
– Sporting equipment, tobacco and alcohol are subject of VAT and tax from different value (£0)
This is written down on declaration and it is applicable in whole EU in different local currencies such as Euro, CZK, Polsky zloty etc.
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One thought on “EU import custom duty & VAT

  1. RAVAS made a complaint to the European comsismion in 2007 that LVCR was being abused in a manner that was contrary to EU law. This was upheld in 2010 by the EU Commission and confirmed by the UK Government in 2011. The above statement from ERA that the practice of circular shipping goods via a non EU location is legal is entirely incorrect. ERA was party to the legal advice RAVAS took in 2007 and it is very surprising that the UKs major entertainment retail body is apparently condoning an abuse of the VAT system. There should be no sympathy for businesses that are suffering because of the fact this abuse is being ended. Sympathy should lie entirely with those law abiding businesses in the UK mainland who have been put out of business merely because they had to pay VAT and were unable to join in the tax avoidance. RAVAS would agree that the UK Government failed to prevent the abuse but that doesn’t make it right. VAT on music has nothing to do with it and we hope that HMRC will now actively pursue through the courts tax avoiders that continue to abuse LVCR . Richard Allen Retailers Against VAT Avoidance Schemes.

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