Lindley-Allen Quad ESL 57’s: perhaps finest ESLs ever made

Lindley-Allen Quad 57 ESL

They were actually commissioned in the mid-90s and assembled from brand new factory Quad parts by Peter Lindley, well known as an amp designer and general electronics guru in East Anglia, who was a mate of Peter Walker. So they may well be the very last ‘new’ Quad ESLs ever made, at least until the German ones started being built.

Lindley-Allen Quad 57 ESL


The electronics are very high quality bits, including an improved transformer arrangement (the guys at One Thing were very keen to get their hands on them to explore exactly what this was, but in my charge they never needed to make the visit) and improved components in the crossovers as well as better wiring, connectors etc – they were made with no expense spared in this department.

The frames are solid walnut and an absolutely beautiful waxed finish
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2 thoughts on “Lindley-Allen Quad ESL 57’s: perhaps finest ESLs ever made

  1. These look great, but are serious flawed as the curve of the panels are essential, otherwise, the high frequency in particular will beam. Surely someone who new Peter Walker would know that!

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