Pioneer HPM-900 service manual and history

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Pioneer HPM-900

This is how they should look like. Many eBay auctions are with replaced woofer cones, you betta stay away from them.
Pioneer HPM-900

Very rare and expensive perspex version of HPM-900, boomy sound coursed by lack of internal dumping and low cabinet rigidity. They has been in sellers showroom in heydays. Sellers sold them away, when Pioneer stop making them. Today quite curious rarity. I’ve seen even perspex side-cheeks for receiver SX-1250 the other day.

Pioneer HPM-900 perspex

I’m being fed up with people wanting various amounts of money for manuals which should be for free.

Pioneer HPM-900


The Pioneer HPM-900 is a high fidelity, 4-way, 4-speaker Bass-Reflex loudspeaker system designed by Bart Locanthi and his team of ex-JBL engineers, manufactured in Japan for the Pioneer Electronic Corporation from 1980 to 1983. Many still exist in complete working order, with all original parts, due to the speaker being engineered for endurance, reliability and longevity.


Bart Locanthi became the Vice President of Engineering at JBL in 1960. It was under his tenure that the JBL 4310, 4311, and L-100 were manufactured. However, JBL was bought out and Locanthi disagreed with the new direction it was taking, causing him to leave in 1970, with a few other JBL engineers joining him. In 1975, Pioneer North America hired him as Vice President of Development. Pioneer gave Locanthi and his team a large budget to improve on the speakers they had designed a few years prior. It was then that he used his expertise and experience to design what was to become the Pioneer HPM


HPM stands for “High Polymer Molecular”, in reference to its then newly-developed high polymer molecular film supertweeter, a design that is used to convert electrical energy into sound to a degree that had previously only been theory. It is damped by elastic materials to prevent the deterioration of its best characteristics, and eliminates excessive harmonic distortion.


The HPM-900, were released along with the HPM-700. The HPM-700 was comparable to the HPM-60: a smaller HPM-900 with a 10 inch woofer. The tweeter and mid-range drivers on the HPM-900 and HPM-700 contained individual metal grills to protect the cones. These two speakers featured another new supertweeter design – one that more closely matched the 180 degree projection of the HPM-100. The woofers were constructed with graphite modulus – a stiffer composite material, and had foam surrounds. Also like the HPM-40 the cabinet was covered with vinyl instead of veneer.


Enclosure: Bass-reflex type
Speakers: 12-inch PG cone woofer, 4-inch PG cone midrange, 13/c-inch PG cone tweeter,
High polymer film super-tweeter
Frequency Range: 30 – 50,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 92.5 d8/W (1m)
Nominal input Power: 100W crossover version A / 200W crossover version B
Amplifier Power Range: 50-270W (recommended)
Dimensions: 15 3/8″ (W) x 26 3/82 (H) x 15 1/2″ (D), weight: 51 lb. 9 oz.
Walnut grained vinyl cabinet with particleboard rear panel


Pioneer HPM-900 service manual in PDF

Pioneer HPM500/HPM700/HPM900/HPM1100 Service Parts List in PDF
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27 thoughts on “Pioneer HPM-900 service manual and history

      • There are a few small scratches here and there on the sides not deep but noticeable close-up. They are in working order.

      • They could worth up to $400, but you have to be able to post it at least to Germany and maybe to US, there’s the market for Pioneers. Really it depends on many factors – even small scratches can cut price down. On the other side original box, packaging, manuals and accessories can increase the price up.

  1. i have a set of hpm-900s they have a smooth woofer but all the replacements i see have the pleated all my serial numbers match right down to my xover ive seen one other pair like mine and they sold for $1800 so what does this mean all my serials come up as original numbers. im so confused everyone says something different how can i know for sure i have originals ive been showed and told that the pleated woofers are redone ive also been told the smooth pg material is redone.

    • I have a set of HPM 900″s. The woofer cones are pleated and are the original. My dad owned them form the time he purchased them brand new until he gave them to me. Replacement cones have pleats but are treated paper, not PG.

  2. and also ive only seen two sets that have smooth woofer paper mine and the set i described above that went for $1800. i know theyre hpm-900s they have the factory stamp on the driver but are they original or fakes or do i have a set thats even more rare than most

  3. You can get yourself woofer replacement on eBay. One gentleman is selling graphite replacements, that’s closes you can get. $1800 for a pair is a bit of dream mate. (maybe you’ve mistake them for HPM150(0)

  4. I just brought a set of the clear HPM 100’s for $700.00, you could touch a set like this for even this much,I just got lucky, plan on spending way over a thousand dollars for a set of the clear one’s

  5. i bought a pair of hpm 900 in 1982 and still have them these are a classic for sure i live in calif and have a problem finding 12 in woofer but i think this page will solve that problem thanks and rock on hpm 900s

  6. I got my set in 1983 and later on I talk with a pioneer rep and told me that there was only 1700 ever made and said back to about 15 yrs ago then that are worth $3200.00 for the set. So $400.00 noway ..

  7. I would have people over to my place..And every person that was at my place loved my stereo..They all though i had all kinds of equipment to my system..Nope all pioneer Just a turntable i still got PL-530 Pre Amp and Cass..And the best speakers ever made the HPM 900’s. They need re-coning but to me they are priceless.

  8. i purchased a pair of hpm 900’s from service merchandise on clearance in 85 for 400 a pair along with the pioneer sx-6 receiver. speakers look like new . what should i ask for them? thanks, charlie

    • They are becoming highly collectible as they haven’t sold many of them in global standard. Price depends on many factors such as your location, willing to ship, condition and demand. Ebay is best place to sell. Where do you live?

  9. hello
    does anyone know where to find replacement woofers, or someone that will repair the cones to original material ?

    • Someone used to sell replacement cones on eBay, but they are long gone. I was watching this situation for maybe three years now. I suppose you either wait for entire woofers to pop up on eBay or replace them with paper cones or just forget hpm 900 and get something bigger and better like hpm 1010

  10. I have 2 pair of HPM-900’s both with all original drivers ( graphite cones ) I have replaced the stock Pioneer X-overs in both pairs with new modern caps, but with original values. One pair is all original in that it has the original vinyl covering on the cabinets & is in mint condition, but the 2nd pair have had the original vinyl removed & replaced with a walnut veneer, not a peel & stick veneer, but veneer that has been glued to the cabinets, stained & lacquered to a beautiful finish. They sound truly amazing, I wouldn’t part with them for any amount of money.

  11. I bought my 900´s at -82 but unfortunately have been forced to replace woofers with good quality paper ones. So they are not original but still sounds great.

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