Pioneer CT-F950 – new belts, motor rebuild and restoration


Pioneer CT-F950, Pioneer RT-707, Pioneer DT-400

My cassette tape deck was suffering on fluctuation of speed, like some ill animal, therefore Dr. Teti goota give it a medicine.
This kind of devices mostly suffering on:
– belts, loose belts or belts with no grip/loose friction. The best is exchange for new belts or at least use sand paper and isoprophyl alcohol for cleaning.
– another most frequent problem is motor. Carbon brushes are dirty or brushed in conical shape with poor contact.

In my case belts has been quite ok, but problem was with speed fluctuation. Of course I didn’t exacly know where the problem is, but my first thoughts were heading it this direction, because of the age of the deck.

Belts has been purchased from WJoe Radio
I have to recommend this guy, because he’s got great service, prices. This is not the reason, why I’m buying from him. The major reason is, that his belts etc. are by the best quality and specification, not like some eBay sellers. His manuals are idiot-proof.

This is not my video, but clearly showing how to fight the stuff.

Belts has been changed, greased when needed and cleaned (by isoprophyl alcohol) when needed too. HA! the problem was with brushes. Motor speed was inconsistent. In this case is the only way to take it aparat, brush the carbon to straight shape and clean/brush copper contact.

This is the job for a man, woman hand would might be able to handle it but brain not 🙂  Everything is shiny now, working  and pleasing its master.

Happy end indeed!

Pioneer CT-F950
Pioneer CT-F950
Pioneer CT-F950
Pioneer CT-F950
Pioneer CT-F950
Pioneer CT-F950
Pioneer CT-F950
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2 thoughts on “Pioneer CT-F950 – new belts, motor rebuild and restoration

  1. I have a pioneer deck f950 having trouble with belts and rewind motor is it possible to get these parts.i need them urgently. Someone coming from new jersey so any place in new jersey

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