Pioneer HPM-700 loudspeaker refurbishment – part 2

Pioneer HPM-700 loudspeaker refurbishment – part 1
Pioneer HPM-700 refurbishment – all done!

So as you can see, first speaker is finished now. I was soldering transducers from top to the bottom, frightened about power of dripping solder. It was very hard to do it  on my own, hold woofer, soldering iron and wire in the same time. D’oh! Super tweeter and Tweeter wire is twisted as much as it been possible (twisted pair).  Supra cable 1.6mm2 speaker cable for internal wiring is used. Midrange woofer has got it’s own sealed enclosure with glass fibre sound insulation.
Pioneer HPM-700

No more supid connectors with added resistance, 21. century is asking for new approaches like soldered connections and stuff. Connection finished with heat shrink.
Pioneer HPM-700
Pioneer HPM-700
Pioneer HPM-700

All done, all worked fir the first time. Once connected I’ve been increasing volume gently. Aluminum surrounding polished with WD and black grills painted with black marker pen. Grills look like new. Inventor of marker pen should get big ice cream and Nobel price. Thumbs up from me!
Pioneer HPM-700

And another picture from isometric view. I was very surprised with vinyl quality. It even has some kind of micro grooves, which adding real look.

All connected and working for great satisfaction of the happy owner. I left it on boxes to guess a height of speaker stands. Tweeter should be height of ears upon listening. By calculations speaker stands sould be about 300 mm tall.
Pioneer HPM-700

To make it complete and use a full potential of speakers, I’ve made new speaker cables. Home made shoe laces – Professional speaker cable Klotz 4mm. Trully amazing cable, looks even better than 20 euro/m Furutech cable. Length of 3.5m I hate overpriced cables from manufactures, can’t understand how could they possibly ask for the same money lik highend amplifier. Common sense guys! I trully wasn’t expecting so huge sound improvement. Entire cable is in black heat shrink, with glued end caps. Heatshring over again to make it even better.
Pioneer HPM-700

Detail of connectors. One side crimp connectors  for vintage gear, the other one WBT banana copies. Vingate connectors hold very vell in my amp. Ot fells and looks much better than bare wire. Actually nothing against bare wire, but still… cleaner solution. Dielectric of wires is in red and blue color, so I put them in heat shrink to make em look better. Better look equals better sound heh? 🙂
Pioneer HPM-700

And one from the rear side. Cables made specially for my speakers, everyting fits perfectly. As I said, huge increase in sound quality. Who doesn’t believe is deaf like hell.
Pioneer HPM-700

In the meantime Atacama SL 300 speaker stands has been delivered. Very heavy stands indeed and you can add sand too. Sand was stolen from the beach, not because I  wanted to safe money, but because the sand is very small, dense and I didn’t want to wait till morning when shop shall be open. Under blanket of darkness I went to the beach, dug the stolen sand to my rucksack and carried 10 kilos of it through town center home like some kind of idiot 🙂 Got home, wash it and the same night all went into oven. That’s how we bake audiophile cakes 😀
Pioneer HPM-700

All went in legs – 8 times. By my calculations every leg can eat 0.56 l of audiophile cake, or 3 1/2 orange cup. Entire weight of fat boy is 10 kg after  the feast. Not bad for 300 mm tall stand (325 mm with spikes).
Pioneer HPM-700

I’ve got all tools ready, very own beach, gotta build a sand castle now…  Pencil isn’t for picking myself in the nose but pushing the sand down.
Pioneer HPM-700

So again, the result, not screwed yet. It rests on piece of cardboard paper. As I said higher I put it on Atacama SL300’s. The choice of stand was very limited by height , because most of them are made in heights of 600 mm – 700 mm. Looks great I think.
Pioneer HPM-700

D’oh I forgot one last thing. I had to take ’em apart and seal a hole in midrange speaker chamber. I drill it to ensure connector-less connection from crossover to woofer. I’ve been told off for this one. Apparently it influences function of woofer and might even damage it. I’ve glued a hole by hot glue gun.
Pioneer HPM-700

Blu Tack and screws M6 x 50 with washes used to attach enclosures to the stand.
Pioneer HPM-700

Detail of inert attachment, of course I put glass fibre wool back.
Pioneer HPM-700

It end up well, all hold as it should be.
Pioneer HPM-700

And curious reader is asking: “What did it do with sound?”
and I gotta answer: My friend said how big improvement it was to chuck ’em on spikes and flat rock. I was laughing to him, thought psycho-acoustics is working perfectly… – couldn’t be such a difference. I shut up after Seasick Steve hit the strings… [b]bass i unbelievably tight now, I was truly shocked.[/b] Finally bass guitar sounds like bass guitar and drums sound like drums. It used to sound like some kind of slime – compare to what it is now. Midrange and top sounds pretty same.

  • Price of speaker refurbishment about £85 ($130)
  •  Atacama SL300 speaker stands – £100
  • Jentzen cross-caps – £15
  •  Supra cable 1.6mm2 x 10 m – £20
  •  black and walnut vinyl – £15
  •  sound isolation wool MONACOR MDM-3 – £12
  •  banana plugs Cliff TCP6 – £8
  •  brown spray + wood filler – £13 approx
  •  sand- gift of nature – for free

So we’ve got:

  • 85 quid for speakers
  • 100 for stands
  • material for speaker cable approx £70.
  • Total: £250

As you can see – everyone can do it.

  • 3 days of woof filling and than sanding (and all over again)
  • 1 day spraying
  • 1 afternoon veneering (vinyl laying)
  • 1 afternoon crossovers
  • put it together 1 afternoon, so as make speaker cables. I can’t count mornings, because I love my sleep
  • It took me quite lot of time to do research on Internet, find material and wait for orders.

I was consulting my steps with designer of hiend speakers Noble Audio of Czech republic and my friend which is happy owner of HPM-900, so I could begin with peace in my mind. This was actually my first project with veneering, so I was obviously scared to mess it up.

Speakers and stands actually look much better in real. I’m shitty photographer with shaky hands and mobile phone camera.

Thank you for reading 🙂
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6 thoughts on “Pioneer HPM-700 loudspeaker refurbishment – part 2

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  3. Nice job. Quick question. I got a pair of HPM-30 (European version) and one tweeter sounds a bit scratchy. Can it be repaired or do I need a new one?

    • Hi,
      I guess, that there might be coil scratching. You can take them apart and have a look where problem really is. If you want to save yourself hustle, then I think that best idea is to re-foam it. Specialist can do it for your. There are plenty of them on net. Also look for Pioneer HPM 30 on YouTube. Guy from Kent refurbished his. Fortunately tweeters are pretty cheap on eBay.

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