Gradient subwoofers for Quad ESL are back!

Great news for every lover of Quad ESL speakers!

Gradient – Independent Finnish Loudspeaker Manufacturer is back with with new range of specially tuned dipole subwoofers for Electrostatic speakers. All new scale of product for various implementations for those, who like their ESL’s a bit more bassy.

Gradient is a trademark of Gradient Labs Ltd, Finnish family-owned company. The headquarters of the company are located in Porvoo, Finland. The success of Gradient is based on leading edge innovations, customer satisfaction and our never-ending passion for music.

Quad ESL 57’s + Gradient subwoofers (+ super tweeters)= perhaps the best speaker ever!

 Let’s have a quick look at their product range which we are interested in:

Gradient SW-S is based on the same dipole technique as the previous model, SW-57, which physically also served as a stand for Quad ESL-57 speaker. Each unit of the new system includes two 12″ long throw custom made woofers which increases the bass capacity and extends the lower cutoff frequency to 20Hz. link


Gradient SW-D is a dipole subwoofer. This advanced version of ESL specific SW-63 speaker is especially suitable for big panel loudspeakers.  link

  GRADIENT HE Crossover

The Gradient HE Crossover is a high-end crossover for Gradient SW – Quad ESL speaker systems. The same platform is used for Gradient Revolution Active speakers also.  link

  • Full range of product link
  • Oficial webpage link
  • Where to buy link

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