Pioneer SG-9800 quick repair

I’ve just received equalizer Pioneer SG-9800 from USA.
It suppose to be in mint condition, but truth was a bit different. Well outside maybe, but inside like a rotten egg.
Very loud hum was coming from outputs, which was stopping when I moved with RCA connector. I knew, it must be grounding problem. So I open it and find about 10 cracked joints which I re-soldered.

All is working flawlessly now! Maybe just change few caps when I’ll be in the mood, it takes about 2 seconds longer to get left channel work then right one. Have a look at pictures please, it looks great now! Mind you, I was taking pictures by my mobile phone, I also made a smart microscope attachment to the lens of mobile phone.

One of the many cold joints which course it.
cold joint

I know, I know, shity soldering – too much solder. But who gives a damn? Its working now!
shity soldering
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