CDPro2 Transport encosure design – part 2

Because design of CD transport is still progress, I’ve made some chages to it. I gotta brag, that I’ve been contacted by hifi dealer and we have had quite interesting conversation.
Apparetnly there’s possibility to make it into serial production if I make working piece. Would be great!

Major changes:

    • external PSU
    • vibration dumping foam instead of squash balls
    • equipped with electronic in real scale
    • connectors

To do list:

  • I haven’t sort how to open top – acces to transport
  • mechanical cover of actual transport
  • mechanica – emi/rfi cover of electronics
  • screws and joints of individual parts
  • design of logo and display / buttons attachment
  • sort out relay

Of course this is not final design, many things could be changed. Also I’m not sure if it’s worth it to use Neutrik powerCon, or classic IEC with integrated switch and fuse.

Isometric view

CDPro2 transport

Front / top view

CDPro2 transport

Front view – accurate ratio

CDPro2 transport

Top-through inner lines view

CDPro2 transport

isometric with back edges

CDPro2 transport

rear view

CDPro2 transport

CDPro2 transport

taken apart, el. devices shown in original ratio

CDPro2 transport

isometric view with tags

CDPro2 transport

detail of suspension

CDPro2 transport

top view without lid

CDPro2 transport

side view without electronics and side cheeks

CDPro2 transport
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