Bowers & Wilkins DM601 S1 tweeter repair

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Bowers Wilkins DM601
I bought a pair of standmount loudspeakers B&W 601 in great condition. Unfortunately after a while I’ve start smelling something fishy at one of the speakers. After listening I’ve located, that super tweeter wasn’t working. Easy repair, what could be wrong? Cold joint, cable, crossover or tweeter? One of those.

Speaker can handle up to 100W and playing quite loud if fed by strong amp. I has possibility of bi-wiring, but I think its bullshit connect it that way.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

Let’s get back to our task. Repair of sick speaker. First crossover and tweeter needs to be taken out, so problem is located. It was obvious, that problem is in tweeter.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

Crossover was briefly examined. Cheap as a chip, thumbs down from me Bowers & Wilkins! (At least it’s not capacitor in series with tweeter :/)
Bowers Wilkins DM601

Drivers actually look pretty nice, big magnet to increase sensitivity of speaker. Nominal impedance 8 Ohm, but by my guess would me closer to 4 Ohm. Don’t really know what you expect in this price category.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

Tweeter is big chunk of magnet and aluminium. Nice.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

And the same from the other side.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

This is how it looks taken apart. Spherical diaphragm made of golden plated metal (Aluminium?). Coil made of very thin coper wire. In old days they said copper, later OFC copper and OFC 7O cryo treated bullyapp in nowadays – the same stuff, with more marketing bollocks on the top.
You can clearly see broken wire. Not easy task for someone who never hold soldering tip in hand. Wire is about hair thick.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

Tweezers in hand, little bit of flux on both, tin and than connect it togeter. Working again, and with little bit of luck last forever.
Bowers Wilkins DM601

Closer look showing, that coil needed to be unwired a bit. Aluminium dome is very thin and fragile. No wonder, that you can see dozens and dozens auctions with damaged tweeters from curious fingers 🙂
Bowers Wilkins DM601

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3 thoughts on “Bowers & Wilkins DM601 S1 tweeter repair

  1. Thanks for the article. I thought I had a blown tweeter in my 601’s . I had been putting off doing something about it for ages. Anyway, with your pictorial , I plucked up the courage and checked the tweeter Now , I found nothing wrong….. Humm. Put the tweeter together, tested and it started working ! Still not sure what was wrong, but the speaker is now reassembled and working ! 🙂 . So Thank you.

  2. A friend brought a pair of 603s over to test out. Turned out nothing was coming out of one of the tweeters. After looking at your disassembly, I removed the tweeter, it tested open circuit with a DMM. I disassembled it last night and noticed that the the transformer wire had broken adjacent to where it is glued to the dome (cone). Scraped the two ends, tinned and soldered them back together and voilà, after reassembly, the treble had returned.

    It’s nice to know ahead of time what to expect when contemplating tearing into this stuff. I appreciate you posting this stuff.


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