Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine


The Okki Nokki record cleaning machine is probably one of the most affordable vacuum based record cleaning machines on the market. Locally, it costs a shade under £500.
The Okki Nokki has a bi-directional motor (a useful function to brush the grooves of the record in both directions), and comes supplied with a small battle of record cleaning concentrate, and a goat’s hair brush.


The Okki Nokki is quite idiot proof to operate. Two switches control the unit. The top switch toggles between clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. The bottom switch controls the vacuum. The vacuum motor has a useful automatic shut-off feature in case the reservoir becomes full. A visit to the kitchen sink, pull out the tube behind the unit, and drain the dirty fluid out.

With a bit of practice, you can apply the cleaning fluid, brush the surface over a few revolutions in both directions, and vacuum up the dirty fluid, all in about a minute a side. The vacuum arm is spring loaded and you push it down while engaging the motor switch. When you switch it off, the arm will lift off the record automatically. The arm is lined with replaceable velvet strips to prevent damage to the record surface.

Thankfully, the motor is relatively quiet (as far as vacuum motors go), and you should be able to vacuum your records in the late evenings, without risking a visit from your irate neighbour.

Even during relatively long record cleaning sessions, the unit was never more than warm to the touch.

No cover is supplied. A suitable acrylic cover is available as an optional extra. You would not want dust all over your platter, so you will need to find some way to keep the dust off.

Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine


After a clean, the records are quieter, clearer and more dynamic. Almost all distortion is gone. Some of the records in question could qualify as fungus production farms, but they are squeaky clean after proper cleaning. For better results, or with very dirty records use steam cleaner, or clean them at least twice. Give records a spin in the Okki Nokki before playing them.


Give the Okki Nokki a try if you are looking for a decent budget record cleaning machine. It may not be the last word in finish and aesthetics, but it works well and is effective. So people spend hundreds and hundreds $$$ for records and then playing them dirty.

Given how much good vinyl costs nowadays, this is a must have investment if you are even remotely serious about vinyl.

Okki Nokki on german eBay 450 euro with lid (£360), 400 euro without lid (£320). You can hardly get anything cheaper for this kind of money.

Final recomendation – Okki Nokki !

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