Vintage Pioneer – Silver / Blue series / SPEC collection – catalogue 80/81

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Pioneer blue series, spec

Components built by Pioneer in the 1970s and early 1980s are still around today, giving pleasure to a new generation of music listeners. This site is dedicated to the era of silver finish Pioneer stereo components from the late 1960s to the early 1980s. Aesthetically, pioneer’s components from this silver era period were distinguished by their handsome brushed aluminum front panels, solid machined aluminum knobs, toggle switches and push buttons, and beautiful walnut veneer with solid walnut trim. Quality of the electronics inside were such that this equipment is still being listened to today.

Pioneer blue series, spec

Pioneer blue series, spec

Pioneer blue series, spec

Finally I have finished my collection of Vintage Pioneer blue series from catalog 1980 / 81.

My vintage collection contains:




Pioneer PL-600

Motor: Quartz-PLL hall-motor, Speeds: 33/s and 45 rpm, Wow and Flutter: 0.025% (WRMS), Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 78 dB (DIN B); Tone Arm: Static-balanced S-shaped pipe arm, Usable cartridge Weight: 4 g (min.) to 9 g (max.); Dimensions: 17 5/16″ (W) X 5 1/2″ (H) X 15 1/8″ (D), Weight: 24 lb. 4 oz., Aluminium base, platter

Pioneer PL-600 automatic turntable

Pioneer PL-600 automatic turntable

Pioneer PL-600 automatic turntable

Ortofon 2M Black moving magnet cartridge

The 2M Black is graced with a Shibata diamond stylus – the same diamond as on the acclaimed MC Jubilee. Its slim, highly polished profile allows an exceedingly wide contact area to the groove walls and ensures notably detailed reproduction throughout the spectrum, including even the most high frequency groove information. The cartridge body used for the 2M Black is manufactured from a newly-developed Lexan DMX Piano Black, a revolutionary material which ensures high rigidity while eliminating unwanted resonances. The 2M Black uses a special upgraded engine, featuring split pole pins with a silver plated copper wire.

Ortofon 2M Black MM cartridge

Open reel:


Pioneer RT-707

Later version of the Pioneer RT-701. Unlike its original, the RT-707 isn’t rare, at all. Pioneer sold thousands and thousands and thousands of them worldwide. Both models remained available much later outside Japan, being advertised as exciting products as late as 1981 in the USA or Germany when they were relegated to the back pages of the catalogs since 1979. I can see the RT-707 still advertised (back-pages only) until December 1981 in Japan. The RT-707 still was clearly on the 1970s side of things : solid.

Pioneer RT-707 open reel-to-reel player recorder

Pioneer PR-85

Original 7″ Tape reel made of aluminium.

Pioneer PR-85 7



Pioneer TX-7800

The TX-7800 is a fantastic analog tuner. It has a 4-gang 3 filter front end that is very sensitive and extremely selective. Selectivity is important when you have a lot of powerful radio stations on nearby frequencies. Reviewers also found that the TX-7800 has very good overall sound quality, likely due to the high grade components used in the internal circuitry. AM radio listeners found the TX-7800 to be an excellent unit for DX’ing, which is searching out distant stations. This impressive tuner carried an equally impressive price for the time of $350.

Pioneer TX-7800 tuner

Pioneer JA-R101

Rack mounting adaptor. This adapts non-EIA-based equipment such as Pioneer SG-98OO for use in the JA-R2S. This babies cost more than actual equipment in nowadays.

Pioneer JA-R101 rack mount

Pioneer JA-R101 rack mount
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Pioneer SA-8800

The SA-8800 is an up-rated SA-7800 that features 80 watts per channel and the same non-switching technology. The only additional user feature is knobs to set the phono cartridge impedance and capacitance load to match some of the more esoteric phono cartridges that were available at the time. The SA-8800 sold for $550.

Pioneer SA-8800 integrated amplifier

Pioneer JA-R101

Rack mounting adaptor. This adapts non-EIA-based equipment such as Pioneer SG-98OO for use in the JA-R2S. This babies cost more than actual equipment in nowadays.



Pioneer SG-9800

Features 12 slider controls per channel whereas most equalizers of the period had only 10 controls per channel. This unit had incredible specs, including a signal to noise ratio of 92db. This is important since you do not want your processor components to introduce any noise into the music path. The SG-9800 is rack mounted using a JA-R101 rack mount kit, which includes a rack tray, handles, and faceplate adapter. Available 1979 to 1981, $395.

Pioneer SG-9800 12-band graphic equlizer

Pioneer JA-R101

Rack mounting adaptor. This adapts non-EIA-based equipment such as Pioneer SG-98OO for use in the JA-R2S. This babies cost more than actual equipment in nowadays.

Cassette deck:


Pioneer CT-F950

Motors: Electronically-controlled DC servo motor for capstan drive, DC high torque motor for fast forward and rewind; Heads: “Unicrystal Ferrite” recording/playback head (combination type), “Small-Window” erasing head x1; Wow & Flutter: 0.04% (WRMS); S/N Ratio: 69dB (Dolby on); Frequency Response (-20 dB): 20-19,000 Hz (metal tape), 20-19,000 Hz (chrome tape); Dimensions: 16 9/16″ (W) X 7 3/8″ (H) x 14 1/2″ (D), Weight: 22lb. 4 oz

Pioneer CT-F950

Pioneer CT-F950

Pioneer JA-R102

This adapts the CT-F1000, CT-F1250 and CT-F950 cassette decks for use in the JA-R2S.

Pioneer JA-R102



Pioneer JA-R2S

COMPLETE RACK SYSTEM WITH EIA STANDARD RACK MOUNT KIT EIA (Electronic Industries Association) standard steel frame audio rack. Any EIA standardized components can be mounted. Possible to contain max 21U of the EIA standards. Components recommended to be mounted in this rack: RT-909, RT-707, CT-F1250, CT-F950, etc. Dimensions: 20 1/4″ (W) X 44 7/82 (H) X 21″ (D) Weight: 42 lb. 5 oz.

Pioneer JA-R2S

Pioneer JA-R2S



Pioneer DT-400

Little more than a fancy alarm clock, the program timer turns on an A/C power outlet at a pre-selected time. This is handy for recording radio broadcasts at a time when you cannot be present to start the recording yourself. Many Pioneer tape decks have built-in support for the program timer in the form of a stand-by feature that kicks the tape deck into record mode on power-up. Available 1979, 1980 and 1981, $100.

Pioneer DT-400 digital timer



Pioneer HPM-700

The Pioneer HPM-700 is a high fidelity, 4-way, 4-speaker Bass-Reflex loudspeaker system designed by Bart Locanthi and his team of ex-JBL engineers, manufactured in Japan for the Pioneer Electronic Corporation from 1980 to 1983. Many still exist in complete working order, with all original parts, due to the speaker being engineered for endurance, reliability and longevity.

The HPM-900, were released along with the HPM-700. The HPM-700 was comparable to the HPM-60: a smaller HPM-900 with a 10 inch woofer. The tweeter and mid-range drivers on the HPM-900 and HPM-700 contained individual metal grills to protect the cones. These two speakers featured another new supertweeter design – one that more closely matched the 180 degree projection of the HPM-100. The woofers were constructed with graphite modulus – a stiffer composite material, and had foam surrounds. Also like the HPM-40 the cabinet was covered with vinyl instead of veneer. Cost $275

Pioneer HPM-700

Atacama SL-300 speaker stands

Stands in black color from UK manufacturer. 300 mm height, 10 kg with sand filling

Atacama SL-300 speaker stands

Another nice collection:

Silver Pioneer of John Weeks

ilver Pioneer of John Weeks

My friend Ivo’s SPEC / blue serie collection:

SPEC Blue silver series Pioneer
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16 thoughts on “Vintage Pioneer – Silver / Blue series / SPEC collection – catalogue 80/81

  1. hi , where can i buy both rack mounts for pioneer stereo cassette tape deck ct – f1000 and what would it be the price of them more the shipment cost from the usa to chile, south america , by boat or by plane? thank for your time . adios amigos. ruben.

    • Hi Ruben, I don’t know if you have any previous experience with collection vintage gear. You have to be collecting by catalogue and various sites are best source of vintage components. for CT-F1000 you will also need Pioneer JA-R102 Rack Handles (cca 200USD) and JA-R101 rack (cca 500-1000 USD)

  2. I use a couple 1950s TV cabinets with doors, two matching modern cabinets I got separately and a couple matching with asix foot tall entertainment cabinets with a shabbt chic painted desk and thw top half of another cheap dept. store center for my recording center etc.

    The point would be that I like wood and the 2nd TV cabinet is the stand for the livingroom CRT projector. My Pioneers range in age from late 50s to 1998 with a DV-525 DVD player for good measure.Wjile racks are great I can close the front and sleep without the flash of happily dancing fluoroscan if I want or let the DT-550 wake me up.

    My first Pioneer was SX-525 and while I have TX-7800, 9100, 950×2, SA-8800, several SX from 1500T to S7000x2 I have no reel to reel and want at the least an RT-1011…I have H-R100. What vintage Pioneer speakers I don’t have I can build with from parts and I have KLH Sixes, Altec Stonehenge I and Model Threes homebrewed with Jensen domes and Corona 10s at the moment.

    I appreciated finding this blog and thank you for posting it.

  3. Pingback: Vintage Pioneer – Receiver serie x50 collection – catalogue 1977/78 | Audio Tweak

  4. I have no idea about vintage collection, neither about wines, but I follow and viceversa a guy that writes about it… in a funny way Also photography, learning a bit as to how use what I call “the technical” things about the camera and how to take pictures, little by little. Always love to learn new things, I live my life by a saying, Try to learn everything even though at the end of the day I´ll probably use one quarter of it in my day to day life. But I get new ideas from different blogs…I even follow a fashion blog! That´s girly. I have no shame. By the way thanks for stopping by my crazy un-paid blog. My Man! You have some pretty cool and interesting stuff here.

  5. Bought my Pioneer collection in 1982 from the N.A.A.F.I.Belgium while serving with the British Army and even after thirty two years it still look’s good and sound’s great.
    Consist’s of,
    PL-600 Turntable.
    SA-8800 Stereo Amplifier.
    TX-D1000 Tuner
    CT-F1250 CassetteTape Deck
    DT-500 Digital Timer
    Monitor 10 Stereo Headphones ( Now a bit tatty )
    The exception is the,
    PD-4500 Compact Disc Player bought in Newcastle mid 90’s

    How can I identify if the PL600 a S or S/G. Instructions state that the stylus should be PN-150 or PN200.
    Good to see that viynl is making a comeback.

    • I would definitely get brand new Cartridge. It isn’t worth it to get stylus replacement, unless you have it as collector’s item. I have Ortofon 2M black on my PL-600 and Benz Micro ACE SH on PL-1800

      • Thanks for the advice. I looked at the Ortofon 2M and really surprised at the price £400 to £500 this is half the cost I paid in 82 for the whole collection but I guess quality in today’s market costs.

  6. Hi, I threw out a PL600 turntable just recently when clearing out my Dad’s house (he went into a care home). I thought turntables weren’t wanted anymore! I kept the Amp (SA9800) and and Tuner (TX 7800) both shown here and Tape deck CT F750. He liked his HI Fi. I wasn’t sure what to do with them as all are mint and working well. Having read up on them I may throw out my Teac stuff and replace with Pioneer!

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