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Snake oil of the year award - audiophile cables

After a very long time I introduce new article in category “Bullshit of the week”.

I believe in cable magic, don’t get me wrong, but manufactures are sometimes thinking that thicker is better. Ask yourself: how could possibly speaker, power cables or interconnects be costing more than than amplifier, speakers or new car? Vendors often prey upon the suggestible audiophile giving them reasons why these products must be utilized in their precious systems in order to achieve the best performance possible to reach the true path of audio nirvana.

Look how those cables look ridiculous and judge yourself. Better have expensive equipment and cheap, good sounding cable, than these stupid looking garden hoses.

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Category: speaker cables

Category: interconnects

Beware of bullshit:

  • Promotes that their product allegedly eliminates audio related Skin Effect and/or “Strand Jumping” problems
  • Claims revolutionary breakthrough in cable technology by polarizing or biasing the dielectric using a battery
  • Claims vast improvements in sound by inserting “Cable Elevators” to raise the cables off the floor and minimize electron misfiring or static energy fields.
  • Claims that cryogenically freezing cables improves fidelity or measurably changes electrical properties after the cable is restored to room temperature.
  • Claims that their cables require a “Break In” period
  • Claims that measurements cannot quantify why their designs are superior and often misapply engineering principles in their reasoning but abandon the associated governing laws and metrics that establish them
  • Claims audible differences exist between stranded and non-stranded wires of same gauge rating, geometry and conductor spacing

If a vendor is selling you on any of these fallacies, run don’t walk away from their products, unless of course you enjoy a good sci-fi story and desire to buy expensive audio jewelery.

Top Ten Signs an Audio Cable Vendor is Selling You Snake Oil
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