IsoTek Titan (high end ?) isolation transformer uncovered

isotek titan isolation transformer
Mighty beast is it? Or is it not?!

So, while I was pondering on the “possiblity” of buying a power conditioner, someone pointed IsoTek out to me and suggested I take a look at the Titan.

And take a look I did.
isotek titan isolation transformer

isotek titan isolation transformer

Four and a half grand for this kind of build quality which can really only be described as “trash”?


I do admit internal build quality isn’t everything BUT it IS a showcase of how much pride and passion the employees of a company have when they build their products. And if I’m going to spend over four grand (which lets be honest here, is quite a lot of money for a power conditioner), I’d most certainly want something that has been built with heart and soul.

This doesn’t seem to be the case with IsoTek.

Not only that, this does look like a rather empty box for that kind of money. Sure, the PCB has been potted with some kind of black resin it seems, so you could always argue that we are not looking at the full picture in terms of components utilized. But how much more could they have possibly whacked down there (and don’t forget that the Titan, despite its name, isn’t exactly big)?

My faith of the Hi-Fi industry has yet again been lowered.
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I’d be quite cross right now if I had bought that thing just to find out that it seems to be built by someone in one hell of a rush to make the quickest buck he can. And one more thing I forgot to add; based on the thickness of the machined aluminium utilized to house the components of the Titan I wouldn’t be all too surprised if the casework costs more than all of the internal components combined. And by a big margin at that.

From the left side open it looks like pretty messed up DIY
isotek titan isolation transformer

The Titan *may* work and do its wonders internally, but the fact is its components are sitting in unnecessarily expensive case-work while the inside *looks* like it was assembled by a bunch of uninspired workers who have absolutely no passion in Hi-Fi.

But hey, if you enjoy your purchase, by all means do so.

I’m not here to say what anyone should or shouldn’t use, I’m just pointing out that for this amount of money you’d expect that a lot more love would have gone into assembling the product. At the end of the day the most important aspect is what you hear and that you’re happy with it. I’m just one heck of a nut when it comes to build quality, both inside and out, especially when spending in the realm of Hi-Fi.

UK socket version
isotek titan isolation transformer

Euro Schuko socket version
isotek titan isolation transformer

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2 thoughts on “IsoTek Titan (high end ?) isolation transformer uncovered

  1. There are a LOT of inaccuracies in this post – this product isn’t an isolating transformer at all. What is clear however is that whoever originally wrote this post has zero technical expertise !!!

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