Cheap £15 headphone amplifier UPDATE

I wanted a bit more power for my Koss PortaPro.

Sound is more bassy, but midrange and hights are bit muddled, so I’ll be upgrading it with better caps and Opamp LM4562NA. LM4562 – LM4562 Dual High Performance, High Fidelity Audio Operational Amplifier Datasheet in PDF which will be another £3 I guess.
All cost me about £15 on parts including enclosure. I bought ready made PCB. Also I would like to get some decent engraving on the top of enclosure.

PCB is pretty tiny.
CMOY headphone amplifier

So there’s quite empty space in enclosure, but I can’t be arsed more.
CMOY headphone amplifier

9v Battery is taped to other side enclosure lid.
CMOY headphone amplifier

LED is beaming to gap when power on.
CMOY headphone amplifier

Not my best work, but it will sound satisfying with little bit of upgrades.
CMOY headphone amplifier

Front side. Right Jack is OUT, Middle ON-OFF/ 47K volume pot, Left Jack IN.
CMOY headphone amplifier

Engraving on the top make it look wicked!
CMOY headphone amplifier

Job done, merry Xmas!
CMOY headphone amplifier

UPDATE: Now more like £20 CMOY

LM4562NA CMOY headphone amplifier

LM4562NA CMOY headphone amplifier

Van Damme pro grade classic XKE silver plated OFC with Neutrik angled Jack 3.5mm

I have upgraded my little CMOY:
– better resistors in power section
– Wima capacitors 0.1 uF instead of 15pF noname
– Opamp LM4562NA instead of LF353N (datasheet in PDF)
– new cable Van Damme pro grade classic XKE silver plated OFC with Neutrik angled Jack 3.5mm

Much much better sound now.

CMOY headphone amplifier

CMOY headphone amplifier
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