Pioneer SE-650 headphones quickie restoration – Silver / Blue serie 1980/81

Pioneer SE-650 headphones
I was quite lucky to win them from Flea Bay for good price. Really lovely headphones for collectors in Pioneer blu serie. This time quick restoration. Pretty much all i did was pretty much only cosmetic augmentation. I didn’t change diaphram nor mechanics or electronics.

  • Spray headphone stand in silver, so it fits with black headphones
  • Thoroughly clean headphones and and cable use leather renewer
  • Clean plastic with laser printer rubber renewer
  • Clean aluminium with WD-40
  • Dioxe jack
  • Cut new black foam for inner padding
  • Take apart, ironed original cardboard box

First paper template drawn by pencil and carefully cut out.
Pioneer SE-650 headphones

To renew old black foam inside you can use self-sticker foam, can be purchased of eBay in different thicknesses, this is 3mm thick.
Pioneer SE-650 headphones

After restoration.
Pioneer SE-650 headphones

And this is how it should look like after restoration. Nice in it’s new headphone stand.
Pioneer SE-650 headphones

Note you can display headphones for ego purposes, but as a collector I recommend to put them back to it’s original box, decent padding to keep them away from dust and sun light.

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