Vintage audio gear restoration

Vintage audio gear restoration
Must see videos for those, who would like to start restoring vintage audio gear.

Pioneer SX-850 Receiver Restoration
Is this my longest video ever? LOL. This was a tough one! Note that the video may seem to jump around at a couple points. There was a couple times that I had taken things back apart to do more work and didn’t film, thinking I had already discussed it while filming the week prior. This project stretched over a few weeks time.

Marantz 1060 Amplifier Restoration Project
While waiting on parts for another repair project, I decided to fix up this old Marantz Amplifier. The later half of the work was done on weeknights, when I didn’t have a lot of time to film.

Vintage Amp Restoration- Kenwood KA-8100
Fixing up an old Kenwood amplifier

Vintage Realistic STA-52 receiver, quick repair and test

Harman Kardon HK825 and HK870 Restoration
Restoring a vintage Harman Kardon audio system. There were a number of things that I forgot to mention during the filming, due to the project being spread over many weeks. Feel free to ask questions if something is unclear. Music links are in the video annotations.

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Discussion and repair of electronics, primarily computers and audio. My work is solely a hobby, and should not be considered professional advice. I am not responsible for your actions if you attempt to repair your own stuff because of my videos.

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