How to replace damaged speaker dust cups

Have you experience the same problem when little fingers pushed in speaker dust cups and they are beyond normal repair?

This is a simple guide how to do it in few simple steps. All you need is speaker glue, dust cups, DIY razor and masking tape.

1. Damaged dust cup.
speaker dust cup repair

2. Cut of gently with sharp razor. Be careful not to cut of the wires which might be underneath.
speaker dust cup repair

3. Slowly cutting and turning woofer around is central axis job is done withing a minute.
speaker dust cup repair

4. Make sure that new dust cup fits perfectly.
speaker dust cup repair

5. wrap masking tape around your finger, so its sticky.
speaker dust cup repair

6. Apply dust cup glue around the edges.
speaker dust cup repair

7. And gently lay down a dust cup nicely in the middle.
speaker dust cup repair

8. Job almost done.
speaker dust cup repair

9. Now put some light weights on it and let it dry out over night at lest.
speaker dust cup repair

10. Lovely jubbley. Pioneer HPM-40
speaker dust cup repair

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