Cost no object DIY power amplifier monoblocks finished at last!







Neech Audio Monoblock 200 HiFi high end monoblocks pair (2pcs).

Cost no object power amplifier monoblocks based on Hypa 17 modules. Incredibly sounding amplifier with low distortion. Over perform anything in two classes higher.

Dimension: W x H x L = 240mm x 170mm x 360mm (9.6”x6.8”x14.4”)
Material: Aluminum
Finish: Brushed, hard anodized
Weight: 17kg / 37lbs. per monoblock
Operational voltage: 220-250V 50/60Hz AC
Input: RCA input high quality golden plated
Ouput: High quality Banana plugs Bi-wire speaker outputs
Power input: Maximum power input per monoblock 300W

Output power200W4 Ohm, 1 kHz, 1 % 130 W8 Ohm, 1 kHz, 1 %
Frequency characteristics: 
20 – 20 000 Hz +0/-0,05dB5 – 450 000 Hz+0/-3dB
Harmonic distortion<0,002 % (1 – 20 kHz, 1 W – 170W, 4 Ohm) <0,002 %(1 – 20 kHz,1 W – 100W, 8 Ohm)
Intermodulation distortion: <0,002 %(13+14 kHz/19+20 kHz, 1 W – 170W , 4 Ohm) <0,002 %(13+14 kHz/19+20 kHz, 1 W – 110W , 8 Ohm)
Slew rate:>60 V/us
Damping factor: 1 kHz, 8 Ohm 10 kHz, 8 Ohm
Input impedance10 kOhm
Sensitivity: 1V 180 W/4 Ohm

User functions:
LED indications
Remote trigger in/out

Over heat protection
Speaker delay protection
Speaker DC protection
Short circuit protection

In ouput differential amplifier are used low noise jFet transistors. In Voltage Amplifier Stage
(VAS) are used linear transistors with Ft. 150MHz. Output stage driver with transistor of
bandwidth 70 MHz. Output stage consists robust 400W bipolar transistors, working in class
AB with relatively small bias with feedback and TMC compensation. TMC introduces local
feedback in output stage and provides very low values for THD and IMD. Over dimensed
output stage handles flat impedance drops below 2 Ω. Sufficiently dimensioned power supply
unit together with its design ensure perfect signal to noise ratio.

Measurements of the amplifier:
The amplifier achieves very low levels of THD and IMD at all levels.


Some hifi porn 🙂

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