Pioneer CT-400 Pioneer CT-615 stereo cassette deck Video Review & Demo

Pioneer CT-400

Pioneer CT-400 also known as Pioneer CT-615 stereo cassette deck.
Do not confuse with Japanese CT-400.
Top of the line 1980 X-series deck. This was consumer market oriented model.
Not really hi-fi in today terms, but can play metal cassettes and is very easy to use.

Basic functions:
Soft touch transport controls, Dolby B, LED metering, switchable bias (normal, CrO2, FeCr, Metal),
headphone monitor output, tape counter, timer start, RCA phono connectors in and out.

Type: 2-head, single compact cassette deck
Track System: 4-track, 2-channel stereo
Tape Speed: 4.75 cm/s
Heads: 1 x record/playback, 1 x erase
Motor: 1 x DC servo
Tape Type: type I, FeCr, Cr02, Metal
Noise Reduction: B
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 18kHz (Metal tape)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 68dB (dolby B)
Wow and Flutter: 0.06%
Total Harmonic Distortion: 1.3%
Input: 50mV (line), 0.3mV (mic)
Output: 0.45V (line)
Semiconductors: 57 x transistors, 46 x diodes, 5 x IC
Dimensions: 420 x 98 x 328mm
Weight: 6kg

Pioneer CT-400
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