• Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 1: Disassembly
  • Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 2: Crossover
  • Pioneer HPM-150 after full restoration and upgrade
    Chapter 1 – Binding Posts
    Chapter 2 – New parts
    Chapter 3 – Super tweeter transformers
    Chapter 4 – Crossover assembly
    Chapter 5 – Recapitulation

    Crossover restoration bucket list:

    – new silver plated copper internal wiring
    – new high end banana posts
    – new crossovers with Jantzen Cross Coil Inductor and Clarity cap capacitors all with 2% tolerance, Resistor – MOX 1% tolerance

    Pioneer HPM-150 back panel with banana speaker posts
    Pioneer HPM-150 banana speaker posts

    Removing super tweeter transformers from original crossovers
    Pioneer HPM-150 crossover

    Drawing of new crossovers
    Pioneer HPM-150 crossover

    Position plan of new crossovers with components
    Pioneer HPM-150 crossover

    Assembled new crossovers
    Pioneer HPM-150 crossover
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