Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 3: Cabinet restoration & Final assembly

Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration and upgrade

  • Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 1: Disassembly
  • Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 2: Crossover
  • Pioneer HPM-150 after full restoration and upgrade
    Part 3 of restoration:
    Cabinet restoration

    Part 4 of restoration:
    Final assembly

    Restoration bucket list:

    – refoamed woofers
    – super tweeters taken apart and cleaned

    – new silver plated copper internal wiring
    – new high end banana posts
    – new crossovers with Jantzen Cross Coil Inductor and Clarity cap capacitors all with 2% tolerance, Resistor – MOX 1% tolerance
    – deox potentiometers
    – added internal sound dampening

    – cabinets sanded,
    – front and top sprayed with matt black
    – high gloss finish of walnut veneer: 3 layers of high gloss acrylic with 2 more layers of high gloss yacht varnish on top of it.
    – back side of speaker re-sprayed brown high gloss
    – set of extra castor wheels

    Pioneer HPM-150

    Pioneer HPM-150

    Pioneer HPM-150

    Pioneer HPM-150

    Pioneer HPM-150 restoration

    Pioneer HPM-150 restoration

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