Electromechanical Relay Nixie tube clock 1950’s cold war replica part 1

So I’ve decided to make nice big beefy 1950’s replica of Nixie clock inspired by old HP gear. I will use XO for start and later 10Mhz OCXO.

First designing relays for that authentic clicking sound of old gear, 45 relays all together 1 relay for each digit. relays connecting tube cathodes to the ground.

First testing of tubes, in my project I’m using IN-1 Soviet tubes and DC step up 180V

Tubes soviet IN-1 nixies with 3D printed unobtanium sockets. I used Molex connectors for pins. This is 11 pin tube. 1 Anode, 10 Cathodes (0-9)

Fist testing done, of course nothing was working, but after a little bit of debugging all works, ribbon cables used.

Detail of 0.1″ PCB connector. I’m using 15k dropp off resistor for anode to prolog life of tubes. Also tubes are on-off switchable and dim-bright function on front panel.

This a real high tech wooden block 🙂 Tubes are running, although inputs of relay are manually controlled by 5V for now. 5V via 1K resistor and 2N222 NPN transistor openning ground of relay

Of course I would make my own PCB, instead of using prototyping PCB’s but that’s learning progress. Also these cheap paper pressed PCB’s don’t look the deal either 🙂

Testing Display and red Perspex display cover 4401 RED, 3mm, A4 (297mm x 210mm) used
Digits are set manually.

To be continued…

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