Telequipment Type D43 Analogue Vacuum Tube / Valve Oscilloscope Vintage with C option high sensitivity Amplifiers 

Good cosmetic condition, no rust outside, however I haven’t opened unit inside. Working condition, Unit will require recap and calibration therefore selling as spare parts or non-working condition.

I have run sine, square and triangle wave forms through both outputs and all working just fine. Graticule illumination works as per pictures. CRT is in focus and bright.Trigger is quite sensitive and unit takes about 5-10 minutes to warm up, before working properly and runs very hot!. This vintage unit would probably benefit from TLC, full recap and calibration. Please do not expect to be running for a long term as this is definitely project for restoration.

Please note that this auction is for machine only and does not come with probes. (I don’t have them). I can supply service manual for the unit via email.International voltage unit 110,220V / 50,60Hz +/- 20V unit currently set to 240V input voltage as pictured. Unit is very heavy 16kg / 36lbsSerial number: 72454