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Vintage audio gear connoisseur, computer enthusiast, time-nut, music lover, vintage games gamer, tinkerer and shady electronic projects maker

About Mr. Tinker

Me and my refurbished Quad ESL 57 in about 2009

Guess I should add some credibility to this blog. Well.. they call him Teti and his lair is located in the UK.

I’d like to consider myself as audiophile passionate into music but not bullshit served by high end hi-fi industry. Golden fuses and wooden blocks under speaker cables… Gimme a break!

Lately I’ve been mesmerised by electronics, time nutting, vintage computers and all sorts of weird and wonderful.

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I will be more than happy to write about your DIY / commercial project and post it on Audio I start this blog to help other people with their project, so more pictures and text, better help for everyone.

Currently (November 2012) I have about 1500 unique visitors a day (that means about 10000 a week!), so for sure you might became famous or support your starting company.

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10 thoughts on “About Mr. Tinker

    1. Hi Martin. I would like to replicate your hpm 100 Mod. Would you consider upgrading my hpm 100 crossovers. I would gladly pay you. Regards. Peter.

  1. Hello Martin,
    I have recently acquired a Leak 20 and in searching information about it, found your blog. Would you be willing to share some additional details about your replacement parts, such as the brand names and suppliers? This information will be useful for me and others in doing restoration of this amplifier.
    Thank you.

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  3. hi,
    i like to have dc resistance of hpm-100 woofer and mid range. kindly help me. if you have t/s parameters of hpm-100 drivers kindly share with me.

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