Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration and upgrade

Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 3: Cabinet restoration & Final assembly

Final video of my restoration:
Part 3 – Cabinet restoration
Part 4 – Final assembly


Pioneer HPM-150 Restoration – Part 2: Crossover

Crossover restoration bucket list:
– new silver plated copper internal wiring
– new high end banana posts
– new crossovers with Jantzen Cross Coil Inductor and Clarity cap capacitors all with 2% tolerance, Resistor – MOX 1% tolerance

Pioneer HPM-100 Speaker stands

I dared to make my version of stands for HPM-100, thanks to Rob. of AK for inspiration and measurements. He has been inspired by stands of Kentrick Sound of Japan and they Have been inspired by Pioneer CP-45 vintage stands (year 1977). Mine are made of chip boards with Walnut veneer. Weights 15 kg / 33 Lbs. each. Stands will be finished in high gloss yacht varnish. 20mm Cork pads used as anti resonant and anti-scratch material from top / bottom side.
They will be supported by isolation granite plinth 410x390x30mm black absolute, polished edges. Weight 13 kg / 30 Lbs. each.