Dave Brubeck Quartet – The Jazz Legend

The pianist and “Take Five” creator who was one of the great post-bop jazz innovators of the 1950s and ’60s.

More about Dave Brubeck on Dave Brubeck Quartet on Allmusic.com


Jerome Sabbagh – The Turn – Vinyl Limited Edition on Kickstarter

I just discovered this Kisckstarter project : Jérôme Sabbagh limited edition vinyl album of the Turn and I thought that I should share it with you as this could be a jazz album of the year.

Let’s create a vinyl limited edition of Jerome Sabbagh’s new jazz record, “The Turn”, with Ben Monder, Joe Martin and Ted Poor.

Sean de Burca – Stormchaser

Self-taught solo guitarist, Sean de Burca, has been playing the guitar for less than five years, but nevertheless his third solo record, Six String Gun, released in July 2012, immediately hit the shelves of HMV, as well as various other stores across the United Kingdom and America. During the week of August 13th 2012, Six…

Paul C. Mawhinney – Largest Record Collection in the World

MavTV’s “Pack Rats” gets invited into Paul C. Mawhinney’s archive, nearly 3 million vinyl records meticulously catalogued. The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo. Paul Mawhinney was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Over the years he has amassed what has become the world’s largest record collection. Due to health issues and a struggling record…

Worst Album Covers of All Time

Not all album covers are created equal. Some are so incredible that they can not now be explained by the people who originally conceived of them. Here we look at 30 of the worst, most strange and downright ridiculous album covers ever made. Lets have a look at covers where something went a bit wrong……


ArcAttack! Musical Tesla Coils

Austin band ArcAttack! performs at Maker Faire Bay Area 2010 with their musical tesla coils.  ArcAttack! employs a unique DJ set up of their own creation to generate an ‘electrifying’ audio visual performance. The HVDJ pumps music through a PA system while two specially designed DRSSTC’s (Dual-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coils) act as separate synchronized…

Rae Howell plays vibraphone

Rae Howell is a freelance composer and performer on piano & vibraphone. She is a founding member of Sunwrae Ensemble, showcasing some of Australia’s finest versatile musicians. Here she plays her piece “Decipher the Crooked Ways” on the vibraphone using a combination of bowing and four mallet technique. Decipher the Crooked Ways…. an ambient &…