I have designed and made my very own Quad ESL 57 siderails only inspired by Quad Germany ones. Since then so many people asked me for measurements. I have open mind and always like to help out other people. Blueprints released!

As you can see on the pictures, speakers are fitted with new side-rails. They returned a design back to 21. century and certainly look great. They elevating speakers circa 30cm (1ft) above the floor and straightening them more to vertical position. This is improving sound and is actually recommended by many owners.

They are copy of Quad Musik Germany and originally cost £500!!! (you can really check it).
White gloss finish with Monacor dark chrome speaker spikes.

I have to say, that I made the side-rails myself and spend 1 month doing them. Trust me, I’ve done my best (They not the best in the world, but look bloody good!)

Blueprint of Quad ESL 57 siderails and 3rd foot (pdf 12kB). Must be printed 1:1 to keep the measurements:

reader_128Download Quad ESL 57 – siderails / sidefeets blueprint in PDF (13kB)

Modern crazy colors variations:
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