Hi guys, I would like to introduce you to my new fetish and it is a test gear. I’m pretty sure many of you who are visiting EEVBlog forum or are in any kind of collecting hoarding will know what Am I talking about 🙂

So let’s begin a new chapter of my blog.

This is a scene of movie Invisible Man from 2020 where main character enters an underground lab of main villain (her boyfriend), according to story best of the best in world of optics. Let’s just say his lab looks very classy, however absolutely useless for anything but show off. Apart from the scope and couple of 3D printers absolute crap. Looks good tho.

Very empty lab indeed

But let’s get to the star of the show and it is HP Agilent Keysight MSOX3104A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope on the test bench! What else would normal mortal want more?

Unfortunately film makers weren’t much creative this time and just connected sig gen with 1st channel by the shortest lead they could find. Needles to say signal on the scope is flat like a pancake. Perhaps someone forgot to adjust vertical scale? Sine wave or 1 kHz square would be nice, but hey, he is a genius and definitely must have reason to let the scope run over night, right?

Now I just shut up and you indulge yourself and check out this beauty 🙂

HP Agilent Keysight MSOX3104A Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

Isn’t she a beauty 🙂

  • up to 1 GHz analog bandwidth (I assume i’ts the scope, it could be perfectly lower bandwidth scope)
  • 5 GSa/s
  • 4 analog plus 16 digital channels
  • 1,000,000 wfms/s update rate